All set for the first report of municipal government: Gali



The Auditorio de la Reforma 1450 will be filled with guests to the report of the Mayor, José Antonio Gali Fayad this coming February 14 at point 12 hours a day and everything is ready.
The first report of municipal management will feature guests such as university presidents of the municipality, the Archbishop of Puebla Monsignor Victor Sanchez Espinoza, some mayors of the state and other states, it should be mentioned that have the presence of the Governor of State, Rafael Moreno Valle and his wife, Martha Erika Alonso de Moreno Valley State System DIF President and could not miss the assistance of citizenship.
Similarly he mentioned that because the audience does not have enough space for attendees, so a space Exhibitor Center where a quota for about two thousand or three people who will accompany it will be taken and where you can view the report through screens to be installed.
Indian to move to this space to finalize its report at the Auditorium so you can give a message to those attending the same in person.
Finally he said that in his report the food shall not be taken as it had in past administrations, because as your report will be on February 14th day of love and friendship will leave so that families can be together, but will give a bue message to all poblano.


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