Children learn secrets of painting in Leonardo, Raphael and Caravaggio shows: an impossible shows


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As part of the great exhibition Leonardo, Raphael and Caravaggio: an impossible exhibition being held at the National Arts Centre, the Wings and Roots Conaculta program offered on Saturday February 7th Workshop Alumbrando the Renaissance painting in which children and their families learned about the importance of the use of light and shadow on the paintings of these Renaissance artists.

Georgina Santos welcomed the attendees, mostly children from two years on, accompanied by their parents, who also listened carefully the dynamics of the activity. The instructor asked everyone to imagine that they were artists of this era in which everyone, moms, dads, sons, daughters, would become painters.

Through the participation of the group, visual artist, defined what is painting and the possibilities of expression that offers the same, and you can draw landscapes, portraits of famous people or mythological beings, animals, still life, fruit or even make abstract painting, as expressed Eduardo, 10 years old, as an imagined space black with a white dot.

Georgina Santos said that «the issue that brings us together today, light, allows us to emphasize something or highlight some aspect of the box», for that visual artist, graduated from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, La Esmeralda showed some paintings in which participants gave their opinion about where the light came in those tables.

He said the work of Caravaggio, one of the painters who exhibited in the impossible sample uses much the chiaroscuro, expressing a whole world inside.

Considering the importance of light in painting, invited those attending the workshop Alumbrando the Renaissance, to make a drawing, either a portrait, a landscape, an animal or what they wanted.

Supported by four monitors distributed pencils and special paper to sketch, working in pairs or individually.

Arranged in two desks or in a large plastic placed on the floor, participants started drawing sketches, which were painted later with watercolors yellow, red, blue, white and black, provided in godetes and which may perform other combinations and brushes of different sizes.

He also enlisted the help of a flashlight, whereby students could decide where they wanted proviniera light, side, top or bottom.

While working on the paintings, Georgina Santos, spent with students, instructing them in the color scheme, use of light, while suggesting them a title for his work and congratulated them for their interest in painting.

Workshops that prepared the Wings and Roots program, under the great exhibition Leonardo, Raphael, Caravaggio. An impossible exhibition, which is exhibited in various galleries of the National Arts Centre, allow family life in which artistic and cultural values are shared.

The major exhibition Leonardo, Raphael, Caravaggio: an impossible sample. The works of art in the age of digital reproduction, which includes a total of 57 works, 29 are of Caravaggio, 20 Rafael (including fresco The School of Athens) and eight of Leonardo (including The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa) it is a project conceived and directed by Renato Parascandolo with the scientific direction of Ferdinando Bologna. This exhibition also has the distinction of patronage of President of Italy.

The exhibition of the works of Renaissance artists enroll in the program of action of the National Council for Culture and Arts delineated by its president, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, through agreements with various museums and associations presented to the public in Mexico as Highlights of universal culture and art.

Every Saturday from February to April 15, 2015, when the impossible remain open shows, they can be enjoyed from this and other interesting workshops. Timetables are available on the page and www.alasyraí Free


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