DNA testing to identify bodies in Acapulco crematorium


The prosecution of the Mexican state of Guerrero reported that so far 47 people have flocked to DNA tests done and see if between 60 abandoned in a crematorium in Acapulco bodies is one of his relatives.

He said that in order to speed up the response are installed 15 tables research to serve the affected business Cremaciones Pacific.

In this regard the holder of the prosecution, Miguel Angel Godinez, revealed that more skeletal remains found in that business.

He said that in the next 20 days the first results of genetic tests, expert and scientific charged to people who have come to present evidence of DNA in the regional prosecutor of Acapulco will be taken.

He also ordered conduct investigations of all similar centers, private funeral and institutional operating in Guerrero.

It seems that Cremaciones Peaceful ripping the mourners, to leave the bodies of the deceased rather than cremate. The owner of the company, Guillermo Estua, is a fugitive from justice.


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