It presents the cultural INAPAM of envejecimientoa members of Rotary International


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The population over 60 years in Mexico now exceeds 10.9 million, ie 9.3 percent of the total population. In Puebla, according to the state survey dynamics of families in the region of Matamoros Izúcar gave the highest percentage of older adults as members of a household with 26.1 percent, while the region where lesser extent older adults have a home with 10.2 percent is San Pedro Cholula.


This was announced by Malco Ramírez Martínez, delegate Puebla National Institute of Older Persons (INAPAM), presenting his paper «Culture of Aging» to members of Rotary International Puebla Centro.


Also, he explained that the agreements to the National Council for Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) in the country 43 percent of seniors are in multidimensional poverty.


«In our country, the aging process was evident from the last decade of the last century, showing an inertia that is becoming more evident; in 2012 the base is narrower than in 1990, due to the proportion of children and young people is lower, «he said.


During that meeting, were explained in detail the programs and actions taken by the INAPAM and various government agencies of the Republic for the elderly, to reverse the above figures.

Finally the delegate of INAPAM in Puebla, reiterated the importance of awareness about the needs of the elderly, their care and mainly the respect and admiration to this sector of the population that has left all his experience for a better community.




As part of the actions taken by the INAPAM in the state, is the credentialing of seniors, so itinerant modules installed inside the state for people over 60 to buy their corresponding card to manage countless benefits and discounts.


Thus, in the town of Tlatlauquitepec, just over 100 people processed and received their card INAPAM, with which they can get discounts on medicines, food shopping, public transportation, and after the agreement with the municipalities, deductions of up to 50 percent in the payment of property taxes and water.


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