Sign in Puebla pilot to strengthen hygiene and cleanliness in hospitals of the IMSS



The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the National Union of Social Security Workers (SNTSS) agreed to strengthen hygiene and cleanliness in hospital areas, for which a pilot test that starts in three hospitals in the delegation was implemented IMSS in Puebla and that includes hiring 408 Auxiliary Services Administration.

The delegate of the IMSS in Puebla, Rodolfo Coria Reyes explained that the Institute and SNTSS agreed to implement a new branch Cleaning and Hygiene Medical Units, which constitutes two categories: Assistant and Assistant Cleaning and Hygiene Cleaning and Hygiene .

For this, the pilot test was implemented in three hospitals: the No. 36 «San Alejandro» Regional General Hospital; the General Hospital No. 20 «La Margarita» and the General Hospital No. 23 in Teziutlán.

He explained that the implementation of the pilot test is divided into two phases: the first concluida- -and, contemplated a change of category or branch staff currently working these three hospitals with the rank of Assistant Services Administration. «Each worker chose to join the new category of Assistant Cleaning and Hygiene, either, standing category branch of your choice or change of branch autonomous categories, provided that the requirements of accreditation Profile» he said.

The second stage, which is in process-is hiring staff for working as Assistant and Assistant Cleaning and Hygiene Cleaning and Hygiene.

He explained that workers who opted for change of category or branch, do not lose their seniority and any contractual rights. In the case of workers who have chosen to remain unchanged, retain the inherent characteristics of its category.

Coria Reyes also said that the category of stretcher shortly be implemented, for which, 54 workers will be integrated to work in the three hospital units which includes the Pilot Test.

Finally, the delegate Reyes Coria, clarified that persons occupying the new categories Cleaning and Hygiene and camilleria will remain IMSS workers, and that at no time was considered subrogate such services to private companies.


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