The PGJ rescued a kidnap victim under Out


This Friday, the Attorney General of the State of Puebla (PGJ) through the Directorate General of Attention to Crimes High Impact (DGADAI), managed to rescue a child under 15 years of age through deception was isolated by part of extortionists who threatened her phone to hurt their loved ones but followed the instructions he was given.
The lowest was in several places without contact with a person, the last place, a hotel in the historic center of Puebla, where he was finally located by tracing actions by investigating officers.

While the victim was isolated for 36 hours the family received calls demanding ransom to the tune of three million pesos, a circumstance that led to submit complaint with the DGADAI.

In similar situations are invited citizens to call 2 44 68 55 54 or termination, for guidance or report, given that continues the campaign «Put a Stop Extortion»

With regard to the minor, whether it is in the family way unscathed, while remaining trace the origin of the calls. It is important to stress that she immediately identified herself researchers DGADAI agents, which helped determine that it was the same person who was allegedly deprived of liberty.

Referred to above, urging citizens to collaborate identified when so requested by any relevant authority to be able to determine if it is a person that you want to locate to clarify a fact.

The immediate identification prevents circumstances like Friday February 13 that has circulated on video social networking, and showing where to board a bus, a young man who would provide their name and date of birth before an investigation was requested by also the DGADAI.

Although researchers agents were identified, offered him a phone to communicate and presented him the order to search for a person who matched their physical characteristics, citizens refused to provide your data and it was necessary that his mother came to the point. With the information provided by killer’s mom, was ruled that corresponded to the person sought and kept going.

The Attorney General of the State of Puebla, reiterates its commitment to act in accordance with law, in favor of citizens to clarify cases like the child who is back in the family today.


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