Works and employment through Antorchista deputy Ajalpan


Ajalpan, Puebla. Thanks to the management by Lisandro Campos Córdova, federal deputy for District 16, more than 250 residents of the colony Teopuxco benefit from a recreational park will be.
Marcelino Reynaldo Pallas, treasurer of the Committee on Development, said the park will have an investment of 650,000 pesos, adding that «there will be a park either: it will be a place where children and young people to find a recreational space with fun and healthy living» .
The work will include a kiosk, planters, benches and play areas; well not only the residents will benefit from this space distraction, but have generated more than 10 temporary jobs.
All this, said Reynaldo Pallas, is to benefit the people as it represents support your pocket, because with the primary activity of the colony that is agriculture, farmers do not earn enough to improve their living conditions.
«Thanks to the deputy Lisandro gave us the work, and we are very happy with it. It was achieved and what we are seeing in the facts; now they promised us and served us, «he said.
Meanwhile, Felix Martinez Cabrera, president and member of the peasant colony full of Antorchista Movement, announced that previous administrations had already made their application for the construction of the park, however, had not been satisfied.
Now, he said, the work bears an increase of 75 percent and is expected to next week’s work is completed.
A expressed about the work of Antorchista deputy question, Martinez Cabrera said that «it seems to me well, because these works the president’s nothing more we came to promise and never made us case; and thanks to the deputy became possible; nothing here but in other colonies of the municipality of Ajalpan are being several works. «


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