Apprehends PGJ 11 subjects who allegedly deprived of life a man in Quecholac


homicidas 1

The Attorney General’s Office (PGJ) reports that due to various research work, the Ministerial Police located and secured to 11 men accused of taking life a man in the town of Quecholac also are being investigated for their possible association with other crimes.

On April 25, 2014, the public prosecutor went to the town of San Bartolomé Coscomaya in the municipality already mentioned, for lifting body who called Herminio Navarro Deonate, who died of injuries sustained several gunshot fire.

In Importantly, since the PGJ was aware of this fact, investigations and proceedings conducted by state police, the prosecutor and the Directorate of Forensic Services, which helped identify the alleged perpetrators and establish one day before the discovery of the body, the deceased was intercepted by those subjects who were aboard a vehicle, they shot themselves against depriving him of life.homicidas

The suspects are:

• Bernardo Silva Martinez, alias «El Berna», 32 years old.
• Ascension Roberto Martínez Silva, alias «The Burra», 59 years old.
• Celso Martinez Silva, alias «The Pig», 48 years old.
• Joaquín Martínez Silva, alias «El Ticuis», 36 years old.
• Eduardo Navarro Martinez, alias «Lalo», 27 years old.
• Merchante Ignacio Martinez, alias «El Nacho», 53 years old.
• Rogelio Pérez Jiménez, 34 years old.
• Roberto Carlos Martínez Chávez, 25 years old.
• Antonio Navarro Cosme, 50 years old.
• Marcelino Martínez Torres, 45 years old.
• Dagoberto Jiménez Andrade, 19 years of age.

Once illegal was credited, the preliminary investigation to the Criminal Judge, who in turn gave the order corresponding apprehension was recorded.

In response to the mandate of capture, ministerial agents implemented an operation that resulted in the location of the suspects, who are already interned at the Center for Social Reinsertion of Tecamachalco, which were subject to criminal proceedings 209/2014.


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