Bacteria resistant to antibiotics cause deaths in Los Angeles, USA


WASHINGTON At least two people were killed and five others are contaminated until today by a highly resistant to antibiotics affecting two hospitals in the US city of Los Angeles, State of California bacteria.

In total, around 180 patients were exposed to the organism after undergoing endoscopic procedures for the treatment of diseases of the pancreas and gallbladder in the Ronald Reagan Medical Center, University of California between October 2014 and January 2015.

The disease can kill more than 50 percent of those affected, after causing fever and severe infections, according to federal health officials cited by the Los Angeles Times.

Hospital officials say the contamination occurred despite sterilization measures recommended by the company Olympus Corp, manufacturer of these instruments were taken.

A spokesman for the entity said its experts prepared new supplementary instructions for users and work with federal health authorities to investigate the causes of this infection.

The company is under federal investigation by the Department of Justice since 2011 for false claims about the quality of their products and possible violations of laws to make improper payments to doctors who use their instruments.


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