Captured subject who allegedly killed 3 men in San Felipe Xochiltepec


Faustino Aquino Palafox The Attorney General’s Office (PGJ) reports that a few hours ago the Ministerial State Police, managed to locate and arrest Faustino Aquino Palafox and / or Francisco Faustino Aquino Palafox, 55 years old, who is identified as likely responsible for the murder of 3 men in the town of San Felipe Xochiltepec.

On February 1, 2011, the public prosecutor conducted surveys of Manuel Rosales who corpse Cazares, Alfredo Campos and Aniceto Lorenzo Torres Campos, same as died from injuries inflicted by firearms were called.

Accordingly seated in criminal proceedings 30/2011, the day already mentioned the now deceased were in a food business located in the main square of the town, when the moment arrived the place a Chevrolet truck black, which fell Aquino Palafox, same as pulled a gun and fired several times today against victims who lost their lives, besides injuring a woman who was hospitalized.

Once the officer noted the fact initiated a preliminary investigation and in coordination with state police began with the relevant investigations.

Through various steps taken, was identified as probable that taxable responsible for the killing, which was requested and obtained from the Criminal Court arrest warrant.

It is noteworthy that today has arrested two arrest warrants stemming from 15/2004 and 74/1985 processes for the crime of homicide.

It is noteworthy that once the state police started to Aquino Palafox, this became violent and tried to attack the elements, however, was secured and transferred to the Social Reintegration Center Izúcar of Matamoros.


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