Creators of Fonca present in Zona Maco


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In the twelfth edition of Zona Maco. Mexico Contemporary Art, the creators of FONCA (Fonca) exposed part of his work, along with over 500 thousand artists from 122 galleries worldwide.

Fellows of Young Artists program generation 2012-2013 are part of the cartel activity that has the Fonca the National Council for Culture and Arts, which for the third consecutive year, participating in the contemporary art fair, one of the most important in Latin America.

Fonca participation in Zona Maco part of the work to encourage the creation of young artists and continuity of programs developed by the Fonca and also is part of the actions outlined by the president of the National Council for Culture and the Arts, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, to promote, support and promote the creation of new generations of artists to strengthen the cultural heritage of Mexico.

Zona Maco attendees can learn about projects undertaken by young artists in different disciplines, like Mark Betanzos, who presents a reflection on the garbage, through various media such as installation, demo, video, photography and drawing architectural.

Entitled Bordos 100, his proposal, he said, «has to do with the analysis of the objects we consider trash and how those objects, descontextualizarlos or position them at one time or different place, can acquire a certain value.»

To do this, Marcos Betanzos was devoted to analyzing 100 self-constructions that exist within the Board of Xochiaca order to ascertain whether those houses that were not made by architects, had an aesthetic design.

This, under the concept of technology of necessity, since «given the need to solve a problem efficiently and quickly proceeds to convert the objects in a second cycle of life to make other functional again.»

Bordos 100 thus presents a photographic analysis supplemented with architectural drawing where the creator discusses life cycles that were the objects were thrown and now form part of these self-constructions, as a bookseller who considered garbage, was converted into a sliding door a stable.

But he said Marcos Betanzos, «there are pieces of carpet become a thermal system to solve the weather or bottle caps that we throw away, here are the fastening system of the whole structure,» while the canvas of political campaigns, easily become waterproofing systems.

The aim of Bordos 100 is questioning whether there were architectural aesthetic code constructions that are not made by architects, but also what is our relationship with garbage and if it can acquire a different aesthetic code.

In this sense, Marcos Betanzos considered a great privilege that Fonca gives you the opportunity to present this work in Zona Maco which opened on February 4, shall take place until 8 at Centro Banamex.

«The truth is a privilege. One, being part of the generation of young artists; two have the opportunity to showcase my work because we are only five projects we participate in Zona Maco, «said the artist.

And, this is the first time that exhibits much of the work involved Bordos 100, since for the scholarship only showed a short film and an installation, while in Zona Maco could also show photographic and architectural drawing series, models and a new installation, made with beer bottles and trash: Used tennis, books, dolls, now obsolete objects such as diskettes and walkmans, all spiced with bells that in Mexico, are used to announce the collection of these objects .

Marcos Betanzos part of the group of five young artists who were invited by the Fonca to exhibit his work at Zona Maco, each of the days when this meeting of art is made.

This Friday will be the turn of Karen Perry, Fellow in sculpture, while Saturday will do the same Alejandra Espino with its draft graphic narrative and end Antonio Bravo specialty of alternative media.


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