Ensures SSPTM to likely responsible for thefts from cars



Elements of the Ministry of Municipal and Traffic Safety (SSP ™) secured in the San Isidro Castillotla Miguel Ángel Muñoz Gonzalez, 21 years old, as likely responsible for thefts from cars.

According to the information part, assigned to Sector Six municipal items on patrol surveillance on 11th Avenue South and 141 West when they were alerted by a citizen on a theft from a car in 25 South and 141 West.

After these events, municipal troops moved to the scene where the victim told Munoz Gonzalez of stealing the rearview mirror of your car brand Seat Leon type, model 2014.
The alleged perpetrator was secured and made available to the public prosecutor for investigations, so he urges the public to report should recognize as a participant in other alleged crimes.

The Ministry of Public Safety and Municipal Transit endorses the commitment to preventive strategies and police reaction monitoring the welfare and peace of families.


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