Find more bodies in plane crash in Taiwan



Beijing.- Three passengers of the plane of TransAsia Airways of Taiwan remained missing today after the rescue on Saturday five more bodies of the Keelung River, where the ship fell on Wednesday with 58 people on board.

Reports from Taipei confirmed that the 31 tourists from mainland China on that flight at least 26 were killed. Only 15 passengers survived.

The bodies recovered yesterday were found at distances of 500 meters, 600 meters and a mile from where the ATR 62-600 was planned, sources said the disaster response center in Taiwan.

A public ceremony on Tuesday announced to pay tribute to the dead.

Although still unknown the exact cause of the accident, preliminary analyzes realize a combination of problems in the right engine of the ship and manual manipulation of the pilots, who cut the fuel supply to the other turbine.

This caused a loss of power in both engines and fall into the river, experts added.


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