Inter XXIV Conference on Research in Puebla State Health


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From 11 to 13 February 2015 the XXIV Inter Research Conference will be held in Health the State of Puebla, where it will entail incorporating a forum for health personnel and health institutions to discuss jobs, updating and sharing experiences .
The Organizing Committee of the Inter XXIV Conference on Research for Health in the State of Puebla, invites all health personnel to attend the event to be held in July Glockner BUAP Auditorium on 11, 12 and 13 February 2015.
During the development of multidisciplinary work seeks to analyze the concept of scientific research and its relationship to health, and share research projects in the area of health.
Currently we are within a free knowledge revolution, and this leads us to the path of research and the continuous use of technology. In recent years we have witnessed a growing incorporation of science, as part of the productive forces of society. The conference seeking to procure the development of population health, which is why one of its main objectives is to encourage students and professionals to become aware of the need for change, be ready to experience a new way of facing the challenges health, giving a bold vision of research.
That is why this way we create a forum for health professionals, students and institutions, which can make known the latest research, and which are allowed to exchange updates and experiences.
Cost: Undergraduate Students with valid ID $ 300.00 and Graduate Students and Professionals $ 500.00 (includes Constancia curricular value and memories).
• Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla PUASP
• Universidad de las Américas Puebla – UDLAP
• Autonomous University of Puebla – BUAP
• Ministry of Health of the State of Puebla – SSEP
• National Academy of Medicine of Mexico – PRONADAMEG
• Council for Science and Technology Puebla – CONCYTEP
• Center for Rehabilitation and Special Education DIF Puebla – CREE-DIF
• Mexican Social Security Institute – IMSS
• Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla – IBERO
• Universidad del Valle de Mexico -UVM


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