Jazz singer Ingrid Beaujean Story presents his first solo album



Jazz singer Ingrid Beaujean launches its first album Story Discussion of Sebastian Foundation on Friday 13 February at 20:30. This is the first album of jazz solo shows Ingrid Beaujean, where the young singer-songwriter has experienced a tale can be one of the best routes to mean depths of each.

Ingrid Beaujean is part of the new generation of Mexican jazz, which is characterized by interest in rescuing the musical traditions of his country and disseminate globally, and it has done in the last five years.

The jazz musician, who was devoted in recent months to recording Story muses: «It has always been very difficult to understand the concept of creativity; and especially because I have a hard time point. It is very common that can make songs and fewer letters. I always see things I like and I wonder how he came to these people. Sometimes I sit listening to music to my ears open and my mind, but nothing comes back. I guess it’s the same in other disciplines. In the writing process for this production there was a song that made me reflect on this topic, which may or may not create in music, in love and in many aspects of life «. Lance currently disk was made by Tlachisque Productions.

«Story has been for me a process of learning, self-knowledge, musical development, but especially release many fears that come dragging along my musical career. It is an attempt to show a bit of what goes through my mind when I compose music and arrangement, «said the singer-songwriter.

To Beaujean, who wrote the lyrics of almost all the eight themes that integrate Tale, the process of creation is a window into the unknown of our being and the perfect tool to fantasize about all the things you could want and inhibit us or just not want to share not feel genuine, unique and innovative.

«We are very used to that everything is done and everything is easy and rather than deal with external problems we find our own silence, our desire to say something and not being able to because someone else already said. This fear of knowing we are so monotonous and so alike, so pervasive, is what helped me to not feel pressured by what you could and could not wait for me. It’s what made me feel at liberty to express my singing a closer fit and find a voice within me that has slowly been growing and going out of my body to show off and give everything already wrote again, is he saw, counted, it was found and returned in the love songs, «explained referring to disk presented Friday at the Sebastian Foundation.

Participants in this production are, besides the voice Ingrid Beaujean: Juan José López on guitar, Oscar Gonzalez on bass and electric bass, Rivelino Quiroz on drums, Manuel Mora recording, mixing and mastering, Jenny Beaujean in choirs, Benjamin Garcia Nuria Ortega design and photography.

Ingrid Beaujean is Mexican, a graduate of Child and Youth Choir of Mexico, with studies in classical composition at the National School of Music of UNAM degree in jazz specializing in singing and scat in Superior School of Music of the INBA, diploma in jazz theory , improvisation and jazz history at the Universidad Veracruzana. Also part of the Big Band Jazz Mexico (2004 and 2011).

He has participated in over 20 musical productions with world-renowned singers: Eugenia León, Julieta Venegas, Lila Downs, Aaron Cross, among others. Interests in Jazz Festival Montreal International Jazz Festival Barcelona, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Philadelphia, the Kennedy Center in Washington City, Festival Latina Woman at Millenium Park in Chicago, doing vocals with singer Magos Herrera . Along with her twin sister, he formed the group Beaujean Project, appearing in Rivera Maya, the JazzBook Festival.

For two years, leads the Ejazz public radio program dedicated to spreading music made by women around the world, which airs Wednesdays by Horizonte 107.9 FM station, which is part of the Instituto Mexicano de la Radio. She teaches at the School of Music at the undergraduate level with its project has been invited by the Consulate of Mexico in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the celebrations of May 5; in October 2014 had a couple of presentations Xinhai Concervatory and C-Union Jazz Club, Guangzhou, China.

Ingrid Beaujean concert is free entry and with it the Sebastian Foundation strengthens its offering as a jazz space for this 2015 with an open cultural offer to the public. The Sebastian Foundation is located at Avenida Patriotism No. 304, Colonia San Pedro de Los Pinos, Benito Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico.


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