Let the athlete decide where you want to study, Eric Fisher


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Cholula, Puebla.- Given the alleged accusations that teams CONADEIP offer scholarships to players who come from subsidiaries ONEFA teams in an effort to disarm unfair competition for the head coach of the Aztecs explained how UDLAP It is the process to recruit young people across the country.

Exactly attached to manual CONADEIP is the recruitment process of the Aztecs, and was made clear head coach Eric Fisher. The player is monitored by a prolonged period of time in their respective league, we review their academic profile and if it fits both the university and the sports program. At the same time an email is sent announcing the recruitment process for the head coach and athletic directors so that they are aware of it. They are also asked students to talk to their managers to express their desire to go to another institution own way. When everything is positive a letter is sent to the student and parents saying exactly what a scholarship means UDLAP.

The young man at all times can look for opportunities, be informed of other institutions, philosophies, races and environment to decide where you want to study. Yes decides Aztecs is the computer where you want to play the grant agreement is signed and conditions, obligations and rights of the new student UDLAP stipulated. «Recruitment in Aztec means the opportunity to meet a young man and his family. Our process lasts a couple of years because we are offering a 100% scholarship, so we get to know that person, which is good player, great guy, good student and can graduate from a degree, «said head coach Aztecs UDLAP, Eric Fisher.

Therefore it can not be called an unfair process on providing scholarships for players of public institutions, they said coach Fisher, for it revealed that direct teams have one month prior to bid something the player passing the stipulated time becomes supply of athletic scholarship from other institutions and in the event that the student has agreed to be an institution is not valid to do something to change your opinion, dictate the rules of CONADEIP.

The head coach Eric Fisher said the way to level up is to play with the best in the CONADEIP against the best in the ONEFA. He wants his rivals are strong so they can compete and it must be reinforced with the best of the country, as in sports competition to grow is needed. «All these young people will graduate and work together, if they can not play together, that’s something we should teach the sport. Everyone should graduate to improve our country and these are young people who will be leaders in the future, because they have learned how to excel, sacrifice, teamwork, trace a goal and achieve it «.

«The young man is in control of your future and must receive an education think through his athletic ability,» said head coach of the Aztecs UDLAP, who accused him of not being able to limit a young man for wanting to study a degree in an institution other than the predestined. «All must adhere to the message of education and all have high educational levels, it is only a matter of attracting students and let them decide. Mexico will earn more with intelligent people, with commitment to study and most of our best players have high average «.


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