Mothers becomes main sponsor of the Super Touring and TC2000 Cup


The 2015 season of the Super Touring and TC2000 Copa categories, will start on Saturday March 7 at Autodromo Moses Solana de Pachuca, reinvigorated by the support of Mothers, the industry leader in car care products company, which becomes the holder Sponsor for the upcoming campaigns to reinforce the image of fatter and spectacular motorsport championship in Mexico.

Mothers Cup in 2015 will total 11 official tests in the cities of Pachuca, Puebla and Mexico City, returning at the end of the year to Autodromo Hermanos. Rodriguez, the track is the «home» of the championship and which is in remodeling for the return of Formula 1.
«For the company Mothers is a great privilege and a great opportunity to be able to be holders of the new Mothers Cup and grow a championship that has proven to be a favorite of pilots in Mexico in recent years, having more than 100 cars in each contest. The Super Touring Cup and TC2000 are an excellent promotional platform for its low cost and more and more fans and followers guarantee the quality of competition in the tracks «said Gerardo Rejon, CEO of Mothers Mexico.
The series will also have an important growth by incorporating two new categories to its format event with the Sport Prototype Brothers. Endurance Challenge and the cars of Formula Mexico, which run the Sunday, while the Super Touring and TC2000 Cup will remain the Saturday, which will complete the offer of speed and adrenaline of Mother’s Cup.
«This year is consolidation and hard work to improve on the points that have been working with the teams and drivers to garanizar the legality of the documents and the competence of all pilots, while we added two new series, something extremely ambisioso, but the motor sport in Mexico is on the right time to grow and we will maintain our formula car affordable costs and participation, provided with all security measures and competition, «said Ramon Osorio, director of Cup competition Mothers.
The season will start officially on Thursday 26 February with the Festival Awards of 2014 season and the official public presentation of the new Sport Prototype and Formula Mexico and later will be the traditional Winter Test in Pachuca on Sunday 1 March.
MOTHERS began in the early 70’s, started as a family business in Huntington Beach, California and still remains. The wrath of aluminum wheels and chrome Mothers took to develop its first product, Mag & Alluminum polish, it came in a metal can with 4 ounces of content and today remains one of their top sellers. Such was his success that the public request of other products for the maintenance of the other components of the vehicle apart from the wheels, so came the interior products, waxes, paint, plastic protectors, leather conditioners and others.


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