Perform meeting to prioritize works of 2015


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Chignahuapan, Pue.- order to plan and prioritize work to be done this year, today held the first meeting of the Planning Committee and Municipal Development (COPLADEMUN) for fiscal year 2015.
The event was attended by the Mayor, Juan Enrique Rivera Reyes; the Director of Public Works, Daniel Juárez Herrera; the representative of the Ministry of Finance of the State, Saul Melchor Jiménez and Aldermen, Auxiliary Presidents, Justices of the Peace and Comisariados Ejidales of communities and neighborhoods Chignahuapan Township.
During his message, Rivera Reyes noted that during the year ended more than 185 million pesos were invested in public works from federal, state and municipal resources and this year the goal is to continue providing care to the neediest communities by investing in basic infrastructure and development works in communities that need it.
He also noted that the main source of financing of the township proceeds through federal funds from the Branch 33, which this year will award approximately 90 million pesos for Chignahuapan, corresponding to FORTAMUN 30 million and 60 million FISM.
Note that this resource is labeled mainly for basic infrastructure such as water, drainage, sewerage, classrooms, sanitary annexes, school desayunadores helps the field expansions electrification networks, payment of public lighting and public safety, so the works that will be given priority are related to the coverage of these basic needs.
He also noted that another source of income of the municipality are the shares, which this year is expected suffer a significant cut due to low oil nationally and own revenues, expected this year are higher than what I sought the last year.
Finally, the Mayor reiterated that «the goal of this administration is to continue moving forward, continue to invest the resources of chignahuapenses in what we most need, always adhering to that mark the rules of operation and what makes the law, and always thinking the benefit of citizens. «


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