Potential oil companies interested in Veracruz



Major international oil companies are interested in investing in the hydrocarbons sector in Veracruz, southeast of here, said today the head of state Economic Development, Erik Porras.

According to officials, the Veracruz authorities have attended at least 60 large companies that want to invest in the oil industry in the near future.

The list includes companies such as Chevron and British British Petroleoum.

«They are analyzing their investment projects and will make decisions in the coming months,» predicted Porras.

He said the wealth in oil, natural gas and electricity development are factors that will trigger private investment. Veracruz has 42 percent of the country’s proven hydrocarbon reserves, he said.

According to Miguel Labardini, energy consultancy specialist Mark & ??Associates, 2020 private investment in exploration and production associated with all kinds of fields amount to 50 billion dollars, which together with performing Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) , will add about $ 80 billion.

Much of this investment will be injected in Veracruz, mainly in Poza Rica, Agua Dulce and central state, areas that concentrate gas, Porras said.

He considered that there is a great opportunity in deepwater and mature fields, because in these there are about 300 in which the operation can be resumed.

«There are about 300 mature fields that were abandoned prematurely when Pemex had to go to sea and exploit Cantarell; many are in the north and south of Veracruz, 90 percent of those wells are plugged» the Veracruz official said.


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