Society must join the government to improve the quality of health services: RMV


The joint efforts of civil society and government is needed to raise the quality of life of the neediest sectors, but also to restore confidence in institutions, said the governor Rafael Moreno Valle inaugurated the Digna Health Clinic with the president of the Vizcarra, Jesus Vizcarra Calderon, who recognized the strategy implemented in Puebla to improve public health services. Foundation

«The government’s strategy to have certified 90 percent of their medical units, means that you are considering quality to be better, but also the National Quality Award for the effectiveness of care given to hospital Zacatlán and most advanced emergency system in the country, SUM (Advanced Medical Emergency System), equipment, logistics and response time, you speak seal that has put all Puebla governor, «he said.

For his part, Moreno Valley highlighted the investment of 8 billion pesos in infrastructure and health equipment made in the last four years, more than the investment in the 4 previous presidential administrations amount.

«The commitment and vision is reflected in facts, because if we want people to believe in institutions and politics, we must deliver good results. But the government is not enough, requires the participation of society. »

However, he said, it is necessary that civil society and companies involved in initiatives such as Digna Health for All, joining forces with governments to expand the coverage of medical services and ensure that all citizens have access to better health care .

The clinic opened -located at the 2 setting Number 909 had an investment of 18 million pesos by the Vizcarra and institutions that support Foundation and provide diagnostic services and goods at low cost as X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, clinical laboratory, lenses, eye exams, pap smears, scan and densitometry.

Accompanied by Mayor Tony Gali, the health secretary, Roberto Rivero Trewartha, and state Mexican Red Cross delegate, Manuel Cervantes Jiménez, the president received a certificate from the Vizcarra Foundation for through the DIF State System 7 thousand poblano can receive diagnostic services free of charge at this clinic.

In turn, Mayor Tony Gali emphasized that to state and municipal governments health is a priority; therefore, recalled that 164 million pesos in the construction and replacement of health centers with extended services in the capital was allocated in 2014.

He also stressed that the success of the programs in this category depends on the level of commitment and participation; in this regard, said to be relevant to join forces to develop a comprehensive and co vision.

Vizcarra Calderon, founder of Dignity Health for All poblano president thanked his support and facilities to install the clinic number 32 in the country, a watershed in the state for its ability to serve up to 800 people a day and costs of up to one tenth of what they charge other private institutions.

He said that thanks to the flow of people attending an average of 11,000 patients a day in all clinics, and ongoing staff training, Digna Health for All is a self-sustaining model.

«Everyone no matter how poor, he is entitled to decent health, last year we served 3.2 million people and this year we will do 4.5 million Mexicans,» he said.

Juan Carlos Ordonez Zamudio, director of Digna Health, stressed the certified quality offered by the clinics because of the 10 000 200 clinical laboratories that exist in Mexico, only 72 are ISO 15189, and of those, 30 percent Salud Digna are laboratories.

He also said that the equipment they have laboratories to analyze up to 800 samples per hour, reducing margin of error and waiting times for patients who can get their results within 45 minutes.

«Our goal is to create conditions for there to be actual accessibility to diagnostic studies with world-class, at very low prices,» he said after thanking the support of the Vizcarra Foundation and institutions that allow install such clinics in the country.

Through Digna Health for All -the institution of private assistance to support Mexico’s largest health were lodged 2014-3000000 for people with eye exams and prescription lenses.

Today, it has 30 clinics in 21 cities in 12 Mexican states, such as Sinaloa, Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Guanajuato, State of Mexico, among others, and is about to open in Azcapozalco, Torreón, Toluca and Los Angeles, California .


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