State Public Safety recovered 20,800 liters of fuel illicit origin




Derived from the actions implemented to combat the theft of hydrocarbons in the state of Puebla during the weekend, members of the State Preventive Police were able to locate and secure in different parts of the state, two units that were allegedly used to transfer fuel from dubious sources ; in total were recovered 20 000 800 liters of fuel.

On East 10th Street San Mateo colony Mendizabal, located in the town of Amozoc, state elements detected a pipe Freightliner, white, same as off a strong smell of gasoline.

Therefore, government soldiers proceeded to conduct a review to unity, noting containing 20,000 liters of oil allegedly obtained unlawfully.

Also, a dirt road leading to the community of La Cima in the municipality of Nopalucan Farm, uniformed state located an abandoned red Ford Oaxaca plates van, in which three containers were found, two empty and one stocked with about 800 liters of gasoline.

Thus, units and fuel were made available to the competent federal authorities will monitor the case.

With actions like this, the Ministry of State Security reaffirms its commitment to preventing and combating the theft of hydrocarbon in the state of Puebla.


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