The light volcanic alert remains in yellow Phase Two



The General Secretariat of the Government (SGG), through the Directorate General of Civil Protection Department (DGPCE) reports that according to a report released by the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred), Popocatepetl volcano registered 146 exhalations in the last 24 hours, accompanied by emission of steam, gas and light amounts of ash.

The holder of the DGPCE, Jesus Morales Rodriguez said that no major incidents by ash that issued the Colossus Wednesday were recorded. «I remember that the Popo is an active volcano, so this type of activity is normal, and the lights of volcanic alert remains in the Yellow Phase Two,» he said.

He stressed that according to the instructions of the state governor Rafael Moreno Valle, ongoing monitoring and constant communication with federal and municipal bodies are retained to serve the population.

«The Secretary General of Government, Luis Maldonado Venegas, has instructed us to staying in close communication with the Cenapred and be alert to the activity of Popocatépetl,» said Jesus Morales. He added that continues the safety radius of 12 kilometers and so far Huejotzingo airport operating normally.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), turned signs for principals and teachers from surrounding schools Popocatepetl volcano, to implement the following measures: limit exposure of students abroad and suspend outdoor activities, and clean the ash accumulation.

Similarly, the recommendation is extended to parents so that their children wear long-sleeved clothing and hats, wear face masks and avoid the consumption of food or drink outdoors.

If ashfall is recommended to cover nose and mouth with a damp cloth, clean eyes and clear your throat with pure water, cover water tanks thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables, closing windows and cover cracks. It is recalled that should not get wet ash, but sweep and place in plastic bags.

Thus, the government of the State of Puebla, works closely with federal and municipal authorities, and urges people to consult the official information.


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