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La Política Social  (1)

Appearing before the deputies of the LIX Legislature of the State Congress, the heads of the Departments that integrate Luis Serrato Banck Social Development, Jorge Cruz Bermúdez of Education and Roberto Rivero Trewartha Health, Social Sector reaffirmed their commitment Governor Rafael Moreno Valle, to realize the right of every person to live better and promote the development of their full potential.

It was stated that maintain and restore health is a priority and a right of all citizens. Therefore, they were upgraded and equipped 9 out of 10 hospitals and 470 health centers. In short, it was built or completely rehabilitated a hospital every month and a health center every 4 days, with an investment of 8000 64 million pesos, more than was done by the previous four administrations.

Besides Health, another priority right of individuals, is to develop their talent through quality education. Derived from the policies and actions undertaken, Puebla obtained outstanding results in the Test Link Middle Superior level, same as consolidated it as the State’s progress in the evaluation, to climb 20 positions, earning third place nationally in reading comprehension and fourth in mathematics.

On behalf of the Secretaries of the Social Sector, Banck Serrato said that health and education are as important as having decent housing. This explains, stressed, why only last year were built or improved 378 thousand households each month, an average of 44 daily, benefiting low-income families.

God Bless You

In health policy, guiding programs focus on prevention and promotion, expansion of coverage, attention to vulnerable population and the quality of medical services. In this regard, special attention has been on the health of women, proof of this is that in the last four years there have been more than 285,000 mammograms; which represented 9 times more than all recorded in the previous administration.

Also conducted 475 000 300 000 Pap smears and vaccinations were applied against human papillomavirus. In 2014, applied 3 times more vaccines than those recorded in 2010, thereby protecting an entire generation of girls against cervical cancer. Last year the first national was also achieved in testing for HIV in pregnant women.

Moreover, the Medicines for All program, so far the administration has delivered 32 million free medicines, equivalent to 89,000 medicines every day, so Puebla is ranked second nationally in satisfaction users, according to the National Institute of Public Health.

Additionally, the SSEP achieved for the fourth consecutive year the first nation in testing for diabetes, hypertension, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and overweight and obesity; also took second place nationally in reducing infant mortality.


In education, this administration has concentrated its activities in an inclusive model that aims to consolidate three objectives: Support children and young people in schools; ensure its permanence; and strengthen the quality of learning.

This, in addition to investment in education infrastructure in four years on 4000 374 million pesos, unprecedented for rehabilitation, construction and equipment of schools at all levels. This represents 63 percent more than the investment in all the previous administration.

Only in 2014, a thousand 356 million pesos were invested in this category, plus 827 million for works, events and actions to promote the sport. Among the most outstanding works, there are 14 universities and 19 distance education centers with those who have served more than 8000 students.

In order to eradicate the educational gap in the state, was reduced illiteracy from 10.4 to 8 percent so far this administration, through the «State Literacy Crusade», which represents 176,000 people They have learned to read and write.

In order to promote attendance of children to school since the early years of his life, the «I’m going to Preschool Yes» in the year under review, managed the registration of 48,000 students aged 3 to be launched five years, in marginality, of 199 municipalities, significantly increasing the coverage level.

Finally, as part of strategies to encourage the retention of students, Puebla was the fourth entity that more scholarships awarded nationwide 6000 allocating 353 million pesos for 2 million 189 thousand scholarships to outstanding students; 58,000 computers in addition to the best averages were delivered.

Social Development

Social policy’s main objective is to increase access to social rights and, according to the methodology of the National Council for Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval), promotes the coordination of the three branches of government and targeting both resources and actions.

In this sense, there has been a historic investment exceeding one thousand 750 million pesos for the execution of more than 63,000 actions to combat poverty.

One of the main results during 2014 was the construction of Integrators Centers for Saint Ursula Chiconquiac, Xochitlán of Vicente Suárez, and Santa Cruz, Teotlalco, to provide services in education, health and nutrition, the population living in small and scattered locations.

In the area of ??social housing, stands construction and placement of 8000 521 fiber cement roofs, benefiting more than 38 thousand 300 people. This effort generated 756 direct jobs and 227 indirect.

In addition, 7000 529 additional rooms were built housing overcrowding, benefiting 33 thousand 881 people. Similarly, 484 new homes were built.

As part of the National Campaign Against Hunger, 150 Mobile Food Units (UMA’s) were acquired, through which 560,000 are delivered monthly rations of breakfast and lunch to 14,000 people, particularly children, pregnant women, period breastfeeding, seniors and people with disabilities.

Finally, the Secretaries comprising the Social Sector reaffirmed their commitment to work every day to expand social rights and translate them into capabilities.


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