The Town Hall building projects are planned source says treasurer



Building projects in the municipality of Puebla are planned source, attached to the Municipal Development Plan, if the money is not spent for what was budgeted will refund resources if you spend more needs to be clarified, there is transparency for citizens know what is spent, said CFO Araceli Sanchez Negrete.
Indicated that the equity and finance committee reflects the financial statements each quarter, surrenders, the financial statements up to a page of transparency, that’s where citizens can check how it is spent.
He reported that a booklet which reports what will capture the City of own revenues, federal and state income and how it applies will be distributed.
He explained that the page of transparency is easily accessible, has all the documentation required for citizens to know what is being spent resource.
He reported that the Ministry of Public Works has a budget of thousand 213 million pesos, is the office which has more personal.
He explained that Citelum there is a multi-year contract, this year will be paid about 150 million pesos for the operation of the company paying the light is very independent, the right lighting is as compensation to the CFE, is separated everything that establishes the contract and what is paid to the parastatal.
He said the Ministry of Public Security, infrastructure, administration, it seems that the dependencies are more budget but is not, Public Safety has a budget of 564 million, to which are added federal support, in order to provide better service.
Reported that have the same budget for payroll, before paying 2 percent payroll, will now be 3 percent, operating expenses decreased.
He said that now the projects are validated based on the Municipal Development Plan.


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