The work of the discloser is to encourage the provision of educated minds do not educate: Professor UDLAP



Cholula, Puebla.- Professor of Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering UDLAP, Miguel Angel Mendez, presented the book Science uncomplicated as part of the 8th edition of the International Science Fair Reading and Literature (FILEC) in Tonantzintla.

The work published by the UDLAP and selling in major bookstores nationwide, is a clear reflection by one of today’s most distinguished scientists and State Science and Technology Award 2013 in the category of Public Understanding of Science, who runs on key issues and peripheral vocation, creation, production and scientific development in Mexico.

During the presentation were present scientific and Gerardo Sifuentes Quit Ricardo Marin, editorial coordinator of the magazine very interesting, noting that the work is a manual rigor to those who approach the job of journalists and researchers, becoming essential reading for a country and a time when you tend to over-simplification by journalists and the use of an abstract or critical language by researchers. «Miguel obliges us to reflect the limitations imposed on our country and on the conditions in which they work countless young researchers who are sometimes discouraged by their older colleagues. Read Miguel me back faith in scientists who can communicate and have something to say, because in these pages gets three characteristics of scientific communication, journalism and its variant disclosure, the eminent journalist Pepe Gordon considered basic to will hold the office. creativity, wonder and intelligence, «he said.

This work results in an interesting proposal to approach the impacts and interrelationships between science education, society and politics, as to the ways we understand and see the problems and delayed development, proximity and distance, community and paradigms science and technology.

«I believe that the activity of a scientist to be divided into several battle fronts and within their main activities are research, because you have to create new knowledge, understand the world and its phenomena, and most importantly, make science for what it is: a tool to solve problems. It is paradoxical that if at this moment the country is full of problems and science is a way to solve them, this year we have a cut of 900 million pesos in science and technology, when other countries in similar circumstances that do is quadruple the resource and invest in education, science and technology, since in the short term but fail to recover only compete internationally, «said Professor UDLAP.

The author noted that we must sow the seeds of pleasure in doing research and thinking that science is not that difficult, but it is an everyday activity where there is opportunity to have fun, learn, reflect and create change. «Revolutions do not begin on the streets, but in the heads of individuals, are revolutions in thought, to change reality and make it better, there are no complications, only pretexts and platiquemos do science,» he concluded.


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