UDLAP together 75 artists in one location: Chapel Arts UDLAP


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Cholula, Puebla.- The Universidad de las Américas Puebla takes his celebrations of its 75th anniversary at the center of Puebla inaugurating the presence of authorities, artists and Puebla community, the cultural season in spring 2015 Chapel Arts UDLAP, with an exclusive exhibition of his art collection that brings together 75 artists of the acquis in the same place.

The exhibition Art UDLAP «75 years – 75 artists: Memorial Selection», brings 75 masterpieces of artistic heritage of the university and thus emphasizes the leading role played as artistic heritage of the institution and our country, offering a tour by Mexican and Latin American artistic creation, evoking the presence of 160 artists through their works are in the collection among which international firms such as Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo, Vicente Rojo, Luis Nishizawa, Jan Hendrix, Joy Laville and Carlos Arias, as well as local artists Lazcarro career as José José Bayro and Dulce Pinzón.

As part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Chapel UDLAP Art also made the presentation of the first catalog of his collection, published by Editorial UDLAP supported by Volkswagen Bank and Volkswagen Leasing and participation of the Council national for Culture and the Arts. In this regard, C. P. Carlos Fernández, director of Operations and Management of Volkswagen Bank and Volkswagen Leasing, noted that the German company is extremely pleased to be part of such cultural projects. «The exhibition is now even more beautiful this space and the presentation of the first catalog we have been proudly sponsors, are appropriate for an institution with a past, a present and a future that has an influence and social impact on the festive activities Mexico today, for that reason, Volkswagen welcomes and joins the festivities pledging to support culture, pillar essential for the formation of sensitive and critical citizens who covet and imagine better opportunities. »

For its part, the general director of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts Moses Roses Silva, acknowledged the work of the UDLAP for continuity and solidity to the most important private collection of our country. «The collection of UDLAP Art becomes a medium of education and sensitivity to students, and finally the art in a university means the spiritual development of students, the academic community and in this case of Puebla community. Puebla is an entity with a long cultural tradition, a reference and a lighthouse for the national culture, so it is through these samples UDLAP articulates this long institution. UDLAP Art Collection is undoubtedly the soul of his institution, «he concluded.
Coupled with the exhibition, Capilla del Arte UDLAP has prepared its cultural programming Spring 2015 concerts, film, storytelling, talks, lectures and guided tours with free admission to complement the exhibition in turn and will focus on Latin America and collecting views . This February 12 activities begin with the conference «What they call collectibles» given by Dr. Laurence Le Bouhellec Guyomar, full professor in the Department of Arts, Humanities and History of Art and Mtra UDLAP. Emilie Sabot, Head of Cultural and Artistic Heritage Spaces UDLAP.

Incidentally, during the inauguration Dr. Le Bouhellec, adding that an art collection is positioned between the past and the future, and a catalog or exhibition to be mounted from it attests to its present. «While we do not know when collecting as such arises, what we do know is that it is characterized as an associate to the selection and retention of certain types of objects and flirting always simultaneously past and future practice; backward because it collects what has already occurred and the future because the most important part is always is to be acquired. A couple of decades I started to work past UDLAP Art Collection and are now celebrating their present waiting to have a long future, «he said.

The exhibition Art Collection UDLAP «75 years – 75 artists: Memorial selection» will remain open in the Chapel of UDLAP Art, located on Calle 2 Norte 6 in the historic center of the city of Puebla from Thursday 12th February until May 10, 2015, with hours from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00 hours, with free admission.


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