We need to convince many that the option is left, says Ariel Manelic



To defeat the PRI and the PAN in the upcoming June election resort to creativity and feelings of the people, we have to convince in that physical contact 300 or 400 thousand people in each district and has more than 20,000 participating in the election, said Manelic Ariel Garcia, a congressional candidate for the 11th district of Puebla
All said, we have to convince the authenticity of our feelings and given and social perspective, we have been militants basis of many years, you have to rescue Mexico, Puebla and people, we want to convey that we are also citizens they.
Meanwhile Dora Luz Sánchez, member of IDN, said citizens should understand that a pantry solves problems for one or two days, but have to put 3 or 6 years a government, «when people succeed in establishing that link between their vote and their needs take a better decision, this is a process is not finished but already started «.
He said that IDN candidates will go to the Mixteca and Sierra Negra, people are informed, we will move this process information by June, which will trigger another result in the election.
He reported that after February 15 the National Council shall define the official candidates in 300 districts.
Meanwhile Guadalupe Ortega, candidate for the five of San Martín district, said the credibility of the parties has been lost because the charges are inherited, «people already bored of the falsity of politicians, especially the PRI and PAN , we are very approachable people, will work hand with people, we no longer go to the official programs, we want to promote laws that remain are sustained for future generations, no resources are needed, necesitaos convince people that it is time to switch to Mexico «.
They are also candidates IDN Heart Carpinteiro Sánchez, the 7th district of Tepeaca and José Luis Hernández Mayorga, for the 4th district of Zacapoaxtla.


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