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Carrera del Golfo al Pacífico Output is in … Puebla!

The Carrera del Golfo al Pacífico remembered as every year, the legendary Carrera Coast to Coast that had only two editions; in the years 1963 and 1964. The organizing committee of the legendary competition was headed by a former President of Mexico, Lic. Adolfo López Mateos.

Participants outstanding personalities of national motorsports, as Ignacio Cuenca, Pedro Rodriguez, Moises Solana, Billy Sprowls, Carlos García Basurto and Fred Van Beuren, among others. Many of them now members of the Hall of Fame of the Mexican Automobile Federation.

The 2015 edition of the Carrera del Golfo al Pacífico, the Tourist Rally Class in Mexico, will be held from 25 to 28 this February.

The Carrera del Golfo al Pacífico is a renowned precision rally has been held continuously since 2002. Backed by the Mexican Automobile Federation, the Vintage National Commission and the National Rally Commission.

In all its editions have participated enthusiastically domestic and foreign crews and not only male, since women have also highlighted.

This year the output is from Puebla which increases the number of miles traveled. Will be 1300 kilometers in three days. Participants will be handled in selected roads in the states of Puebla, Veracruz, Morelos and Guerrero.

All poblanos are invited to the Star of Puebla where you can enjoy booting cars. .

In last year’s first place went all the crew of Luis Alberto Obregón and José Antonio Arellano. A few months ago Mr. Arellano died and therefore this year we will pay tribute to the awards ceremony.

In the category of Modern Tourism the first place went to Eduardo Lopez Marquez and Eduardo Naranjo in a Mitsubishi car.

In the Special Tourism category first place went to Francisco Adolfo Castro Bagues and a powerful Chevrolet Corvette.
Vintage In the category winners were Ignacio Rodríguez Ibarra and Manuel Lezama Mercedes 1978 collection.

Finally in Race Acapulco Puebla won the first place Juan José Sánchez and Alejandro Dominguez in a car Subaru Impresa.
The calendar of activities of the 2015 edition is as follows:

Wednesday, 25 February.
Output in Puebla with intermediate goal in Jalapa and final goal of the day in Veracruz.

Thursday, February 26.
Competitors will be starting at 8:30 am in Boca del Rio Veracruz and made the following route: Veracruz, Córdoba, Ciudad Mendoza, Acultzingo, Tehuacan, Zapotitlan de las Salinas, Tehuacan Amozoc Speedway, Cuautla and goal of the second day in the magical town of Tepoztlan Morelos.

Friday, February 27.
Competitors will be starting at 10.30 am in Xochitepec Morelos with the following route. Xochitepec, Entronque Tehuixtla, Amacuzac, Taxco, Tehuilotepec, Juliantla, Tlamacazapa, Buena Vista, Iguala, Chilpancingo, Viaduct Diamond Boulevard of Nations final goal scenic highway and street Maria Bonita aside Acapulco International Center, a place which will hit the first car approximately 6 evenings.

Saturday February 28th.
In Acapulco, a dinner will be offered to competitors, during which the prizes to the winners will be awarded.

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