CNC ensures a recovery rectory state for the field



In the National Peasant Confederation continuity in the fight for Mexico Rural getting better, so celebrate that this government has confirmed the strategic and human importance of the field, since it has recovered the guidance of the State for this sector which had been deliberately abandoned «, they concurred Senators of the National Peasant Confederation Gerardo Sánchez García Jiménez and Manuel Cota.

In the Juárez theater capital of Guanajuato, who was at full capacity by the Legislative Results Report 2012-2014, the former leader of the CNC, Gerardo Sánchez García, the new national project that arises during the term applauded Enrique Peña Nieto with structural reforms that enable and «change» in Mexico, said Rep.

With the presence of Senate President Miguel Barbosa Huerta and the Director of National Finance Juan Carlos Cortes; Senators, Federal and Local Deputies and officials of the Federal and Local Government, Manuel Cota Jiménez, current leader of the main peasant organization also accompany and nodded guanajuatense told by the legislature.
Sánchez García referred to the new challenges resulting from the dynamic and social demands to be incorporated into the legislative agenda to strengthen the rule of law and human rights, to continue his march structural reforms to benefit the population.

Salvatierra politician said in this context that the budget cuts recently announced minimally impact, since the productive programs, besides the fact that this measure will allow a thorough review in reengineering the Federal Budget for 2016, leaving not conform be inertial, as has happened in recent decades, becoming an essential tool for economic policy in line with structural change in the country.

Given Alberto Bello Delegate Albo Ministry of Economy and Enrique Peña Nieto, President of the Republic personal representative; Senator Miguel Barbosa Huerta, President of the Board of the Senate of the Republic; of. Jorge Herrera Caldera, Governor of Durango and President of the National Conference of Governors, and Arturo Navarro Navarro, Secretary of the Interior and personal representative Miguel Márquez Márquez, Governor of the State of Guanajuato, Mexico Cenecista legislator remarked that through his History has not been without face and overcome difficult times and that was precisely what has allowed to build the nation we have.

Then he said that «a society like ours can not be remiss to impunity and aggression that are millions of compatriots object». He accused: «There are those who under their own freedoms that our democratic system guarantees, wanted to sow confusion citizens with reprehensible actions, a situation that we reject.»

Gerardo Sánchez García argued that structural reforms is beginning to bear fruit, as is the end increases to gasoline and diesel; fair taxation; the drop in electricity tariffs; charging for long-distance telephone service as a local call, free internet in more than 250 000 parks and public places, and he maintained «this is just the beginning because there will be more.»

He acknowledged, however, that time where insecurity, impunity and corruption injure the life of the Republic (no more Moche, out dirty hands) are living. Therefore, he said, it is essential to rebuild and strengthen the institutional life, recognizing that «we have failed to address this situation and what citizens want are answers, timely responses authority, institutional responses where we are all involved,» he said.


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