Coordinating Committee of the Labour Party in the state of Puebla


Positioning on Apprehension Group Hijackers «The Modest» in the town of Zautla, Puebla.

We hereby wish to express our congratulations to the State Attorney Victor Antonio Carrancá Bourget to learn from the press about the arrest of the gang of kidnappers «The Modest», consisting of a family Zautla Township. This header by Justin Modesto Doroteo responsible for the kidnapping of a woman in Atlixco, a group generated controversy since in the 2013 elections participated as Labour Party candidate in the municipality.

All media almost entirely disseminated the subject according to the information that the attorney has externship, which we celebrate this excellent work of investigation to this criminal group and joined to clarify the facts.

If however in the case of journalistic note attached for therein is the interest of those who seek to discredit through this appeal to the leadership of our party in the state. The worst of it is that at times make assumptions and assertions because of its delicacy need to be investigated and then make the appropriate boundary by the judicial authority.

We want a research process is conducted as some members of the West Newspaper Puebla are members of our party, to clarify whether they had any rapprochement with Laurencio Perez Fuentes since the decision to choose the candidate in that municipality was a proposal made by the. His stance rather than hide behind and shoot from their environment to the State Leadership should take the issue seriously and not play with it, because if we as Leadership of the Party this implies seriousness and deserves to be treated as such.

If those who write in this newspaper know something must be submitted to the authority and declare what they know, before resorting to a newspaper article which clearly reveal particular interest to discredit the leadership.

As National Political Commissioner and Alderman of the Capital Labour Party, have asked lawyers PT note review and if necessary act according to law for determining responsibility; so it will look to the State Attorney for ourselves available to the judicial authority and help clarify these reprehensible acts and that the full weight of the law those responsible applies.


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