Demand water supply in neighboring colonies


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Given the shortage of water in neighborhoods located north of the capital, a committee representing various colonies intervened in facilities Puebla Soapap-Water for All, to demand adequate service.
More than seven thousand families in the northern outskirts that are affected to the shortage of drinking water because «one hour a week is not enough,» said Enrique Calderon, head of Antorchista work in March Two colony.
Before the protesters were removed, it was agreed with company personnel Agua de Puebla for All, on Friday sent representatives thereof to tour some of the affected colonies in order to determine the deficiencies of service, same as » have not been corrected despite having given timely notice to government authorities. »
This problem adds desludging of latrines in March Two, Forest Manzanilla, May 1st and Nezahualcoyotl, among other colonies.
Finally, the community leader said that in case of not finding a favorable response to these colonies families of limited resources, conduct demonstrations from Monday.
«We only ask that water service is consistent with what is being paid at least three days a week and latrines that are highly saturated are desazolven» he said.


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