Dinorah Lopez Gali provides comprehensive care for adolescents



The President of the Board of Municipal DIF, Dinorah Lopez Gali, reiterated their commitment to work for the welfare of adolescents in the capital; therefore, offers workshops on sex education and pregnancy prevention as part of programs aimed at ensuring the full development of this sector of the population.

Since the beginning of the government headed by Mayor Tony Gali to date, have given 57 lectures in 10 institutions, which has benefited 787 thousand students.

The courses are designed to encourage reflection on adolescents about possible risk scenarios and, above all, accountability in the exercise of sexuality.

Gali Lopez explained that, in general, these workshops help develop skills in decision making at this stage of life.

In this activity issues such as physical and psychological development of the adolescent infatuation process as conscious experience, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases are discussed, among others.

The President of the Board of SMDIF explained that further action sensitization is performed using a simulator womb for participants to experience some of the implications of a pregnancy.


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