Electoral Tribunal ordered the accreditation of the Social Encounter Party


At a public meeting held today, the Electoral Court of the State of Puebla resolved accreditation to the Electoral Institute of the State of Puebla Social Encounter Party.

The presiding judge of the Electoral Tribunal Ricardo Adrián Rodríguez Perdomo and magistrates Claudia Barbosa Rodríguez and Francisco Javier de Unanue and Breton, unanimously resolved the appeal TEEP-A-14378/2014, filed by the Social Encounter Party.

The Electoral Magistrates decided to declare founded alleged by the plaintiff, because Article 31 of the State of Puebla Electoral Code must be understood in the sense that all nationals in January of the election year, political parties must prove to the state electoral administrative authority the term of registration as a national political party for purposes of participating in the respective local election for obtaining among other rights, public funding for campaign expenses, but that does not mean that parties national political re-registration must be accredited to date, can be credited to the local Electoral Institute at any time.

In that sense the Electoral Court of the State of Puebla decided to revoke the GC / AC-061/14 agreement and order the General Council of the Electoral Institute of the State of Puebla within ten working days, attesting to national political party Social Dating , from such accreditation, granted the rights and constitutional prerogatives and legally appropriate, regarding it as new political party registration.


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