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Drawing is the basis of all art because it is the way you can take an idea, which connects the mind with the hand, an essential element in any demonstration, said the artist Brian Nissen (London, England, 1939) in the Farándula presentation of his book, jointly published by the Directorate of Publications and Editorial RM Conaculta.

In the auditorium of the Belle Epoque Cultural Center, writers Margo Glantz, Alberto Ruy Sanchez, Jorge F. Hernández, and Julio Patán spoke of the publication presents 140 unpublished drawings by Brian Nissen during his stay in Mexico, from 1966-1974.

«When asked the location of my works, to perform an exhibition at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, found 350 drawings, never knew existed was like finding a treasure. Of those 140 could rescue that seemed made me, «he explained to the audience the creator of monumental sculptural mural, The Red Sea.

Brian Nissen, who lamented that nowadays the drawing is treated as a minor art, said drawings made over 40 years ago back to Mexico City, very different from what is now live, where people smile «very much «and there were many gatherings and parties.

«The drawings that make up Farándula reflect that sense of gathering, fun, my encounter with Mexico. I came to this country without knowing anyone, not speaking Spanish and I had a hard place me. My bridge entrance, which really felt I could permeate this strange country, was the humor. Mexico and England share this desire, that contact had very naturally and this collection of drawings reflects that, «explained Brian Nissen.

The writer and professor emeritus at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Margo Glantz said the usual look of Brian Nissen on humans, animals and things are discovered in the drawings Farándula. «Michael Wood wrote in the preface of the book that these drawings were made with the eye with which Brian saw the world at the time. It is the eye with which Brian still see the world. »

He added that the drawings are simply the humor of Brian Nissen, where no didactic or moralistic. «His cartoons satirizing but are not intended to change anything, enhances the ridiculous side of things, animals and men, but with rejoicing, without any bitterness. We reveal a festive conception of the world, but the world can or would be repulsive or tragic. »

The National Award for Science and Arts in Linguistics and Literature (2004) mentioned that Brian Nissen deprives the playful spirit without the desire to correct anything, just fun and cartoonish portrait of behaviors and appearances. «We all belong to a tradition and Brian is both pictorial, literary and political English tradition, seasoned Mexican tradition, by long years living here,» he said.

For his part, editor and writer Alberto Ruy Sanchez mentioned that the pictures in the book are Farándula assemblies. «You can take any fragment or piece of designs are forms that are abstract units that will be composing in figurative and semi-figurative forms.»

The story writer and essayist Jorge F. Hernández said admire the work of Brian Nissen, «a Renaissance be able to assemble or disassemble the world for their way of seeing, to make instant drawings, earthquakes, tachycardic that deal with the particular look has a true artist. »

Texts by Elena Poniatowska, Juan Villoro, Margo Glantz, William Sheridan, Alberto Ruy Sanchez, Álvaro Enrigue, Jorge F. Hernandez, Alma Guillermoprieto, Valeria Luiselli and Michael Wood accompany the selection of drawings, which Nissen divided into 10 topics: Urbe, Periplos, Leisure, Feast, Cachondeo, Office, Males, Dresser, Amoríos and Striptease.

Entertainment, Brian Nissen, jointly published by the Directorate of Publications and Editorial RM, is available in bookstores Educal network.


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