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With 18 years of life, the PMI Chapter Mexico Mexico seeks to adopt the Project Management as a philosophy of life to contribute to community development.
• The PMI Chapter Mexico has made important advances as the realization of PMTOUR 2014 and the strategic partnership with World Vision to undertake initiatives for programs «Life Project for Children in Mexico» and «Social Reintegration of Migrant Children

Mexico DF, February 9, 2015. To strengthen training and further unify the Project Management Institute (PMI Chapter Mexico) are the priorities of the new Board to preside Bárcenas Graciela Pérez, during the period 2015-2017.

Graciela Bárcenas relieves Ramón Hernández, after a transparent election process in which two other candidates, Rosalia Juarez and Enrique Sanchez postulated.

After taking oath as President of PMI Chapter Mexico, Graciela Barcenas said that some of the immediate tasks are to increase membership in Mexico and interaction with other nations, as well as a project to develop and strengthen skills in professionals mothers, who return to new account their work activities.

«There is a myth that project management is only for engineers, but for everyone, because it is a complementary discipline for any career,» he said while referring to one of the objectives will adhere to partners all professions.

He recalled that as an active member for 8 years, has been in different positions that have allowed him to be close to the community, coupled with having participated in various responsibilities, most recently as Vice President of Professional Development in the management of Ramón Hernández.

He also indicated that the association is already international benchmark for the quality of content on your Mexico PMTOUR, the International Congress of Project Management, which since 2008 has either performed in Cd. De Mexico, a result of constant work of his predecessors in various MesasDirectivas therefore urged members to redouble efforts to preserve the quality of these forums and a stronger community that integrates various professions.

Graciela Bárcenas reiterated its willingness to continue making events, international conferences and project management for the general public through agreements with institutions such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Salle (Salle University), among others.

«Today I have the privilege to share the volunteer from the presidency, I pledge to continue contributing my knowledge, experience and relationships in an effort to get more people in our country know and share the benefits of the practice of management projects, «he said.

The Board will direct Graciela Bárcenas is integrated by Alejandro Martinez as vice president of professional development; Luis Martinez as vice president of Information Technology; Aura Villagrana as VP of Membership; Raymundo Sanchez as Vice President of Social Responsibility.

Meanwhile, Ramon Hernandez highlighted some of the progress made during his tenure, including: monthly events; the PMTOUR Mexico 2014 in which workshops, congresses and conferences are held; dissemination of projects and lectures at universities (La Salle, the Valley of Mexico, the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Pachuca, Pan American University and UNAM in various faculties).

As the strategic alliance with World Vision to undertake initiatives for programs «Life Project for Children in Mexico» and «Social Reintegration of Migrants Children, among other activities.

The other members who formed the board that passed the baton are: Graciela Barcenas, as Vice President of Professional Development; Alejandro Martínez Villamil, vice president of Information Technology; Claudia Tabche as VP of Membership; Enrique Sánchez as Vice President of Ethics and Governance; July Matus as VP of Volunteers; Rosalia Juárez VP Social Responsibility; Gerardo Sierra VP Marketing and Christian Vazquez as VP Finance.

About Us

With 18 years of life, the PMI Chapter Mexico is a civil association, nonprofit organization that seeks to adopt Mexico Project Management as a philosophy of life to contribute to community development.

This multiplier to achieve results in terms of efficiency and competitiveness in all areas of human activity: educational, civic, economic, political and cultural.

This partnership brings together professionals from different disciplines regardless of the area or industry to standardize practice and have a frame of reference. Another objective is to disseminate the project management standards and be the reference point for the country.
The PMI International has many certifications, but the most respected and most recognized in the world is certified Project Management Professional (PMP), which is given to those with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and experience that can be used competently in the practice of project management.

Mexico currently has 3000 633 4000 046 PMP’sy members. The International PMI has 450 000 065 members worldwide, being a community that has a great global prestige.


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