Antorchista Art and El Recodo reach Tecomatlán Fair 2015


El Recodo  (8)

Tecomatlán, Puebla. The official site of the Fair Tecomatlán 2015, the monumental Plaza de Toros «The Torch», reached its maximum capacity to be crowded by 20,000 people who enjoy cultural events, rodeos and dancing in the only completely free fair this » Ash Wednesday «.
The party started from morning to the sound of brass bands in the state of Guerrero, which were heard in the streets of this town; Later, in the auditorium «Clara Córdova Morán» Symphonic Band of the State of Puebla was presented.
The taste of Mexican cuisine was also present this day with the culinary competition saucer «adobo pork» in the cencalli Hotel, with the participation of about 30 ladies and girls with their respective stews.
For four p.m., the monumental Plaza de Toros began to welcome the first visitors, and gradually was filled. For the six, the place was already full, thus initiating the presentation of dance, song and poetry of Cultural Groups Antorchista National Movement.
Folk dances of Yucatan and the state of Puebla, accompanied by live music and folk songs were the artistic feast presented talented young members of these groups.
By 8 pm, with a fairground to bursting, ripped the spectacular ranch rodeo, where bulls ranch «Destroyers» by Guillermo Campo presented.
At the end of jaripeo, appeared the «mother of all bands» and the most anticipated of the week: the band «El Recodo» Chuy Lizarraga, who filled the square with the sound of his successes, same as were echoed by everyone attending the dance.
Also at night, Daniela Gutierrez Dominguez, of the same municipality, was the winner of the car Matiz, the Fair Committee raffled as part of the economic activities carried out to raise funds for this exhibition is free.
So Tecomatlán Fair 2015 Ash Wednesday, in which poor people can get to enjoy the shows without paying a single penny lived.


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